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Airbus A319/320 Upgrade Preparation

Airbus A320 pilot training book contents of 'Airbus A319/320 upgrade preparation' book written by author and airline Captain Faraz Sheikh
Official cover for the Airbus A320 command upgrade preparation book written and created by airline pilot and author Captain Faraz Sheikh. The Airbus guide gives A320 pilots an insight into managing degraded situations, abnormal conditions, complex failures, technical revision and other useful supplementary procedures.

Below are some sample shots taken from the A-320 Command Upgrade Prep book/application:

This 285 page book/application is developed using material and pilot training notes including official Airbus FCOM, FCTM and the QRH to allow Pilots to study as a refresher or prepare for their command upgrade. It covers failure management, ECAM, Airbus memory item drills, complex and demanding failures, technical reviews on systems, limitations, low visibility procedures, RVSM/PBN, MEL/CDL and supplementary information covering cold weather and icing, windshears, weather and wake turbulence.


The memory item drills include: Loss of braking, Emergency descent, Stall recovery, Stall warning at lift-off, Unreliable airspeed, GPWS/EGPWS warnings and cautions, TCAS warnings and Windshears.


The complex and demanding failure chapter goes in depth with failures such as: Dual Bleed faults, Smoke/Fumes cases, Dual FMGC failure, Engine malfunctions of all levels, Fuel leak, Dual Hydraulic faults, Landing gear problems, Rejected takeoff and evacuation, Upset preventions and much more.


Technical revision gives a good study highlight for all the Airbus A320 systems including Air conditioning, Ventilation and Pressurisation, Electrical, Hydraulics, Flight-Controls and Automation, Landing gear, Pneumatics, etc.


The book/application also covers useful topics such as aircraft limitations, low visibility procedures, RVSM/PBN, MEL, CDL and other supplementary information such as cold weather and icing, turbulence and windshears in more detail.


The book/application will no doubt be a great asset to any trainee or existing Airbus Pilot for both revision and training purposes including refresher training.

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