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Airbus A350 - Systems Guide for Pilots


Below are some sample shots taken from the A350 Systems Guide book/application:

This is a 190 pages systems guide for Pilots training or transitioning onto the Airbus A350 series aircraft. It covers various aircraft systems with detailed images for you and information for training. The 24 chapters included include:

1. General

2. Air systems

3. Automatic flight systems

4. Flight management system

5. Communications

6. Electrical system

7. Fire & Smoke protections

8. Flight Controls and Slats/Flaps

9. Fuel system

10. Hydraulic system

11. Ice & rain protection

12. Controls & display systems

13. Recording systems

14. Landing Gear

15. Lights 16. Navigation

17. Oxygen system

18. Avionics network & IMA

19. Onboard maintenance system

20. Information systems

21. Air traffic control communication systems

22. APU

23. Doors

24. Engines


The book is for training purposes ONLY. NOT FOR OPERATIONAL USE


The book/application will no doubt be a great asset to any trainee or existing Airbus Pilot for both revision and training purposes including refresher training.

Click the relevant link below to get yours today! 

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