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B787 Dreamliner - Cockpit Training


Below are some sample shots taken from the B787 Pilot cockpit training book:

This is a technical guide book covering the Boeing B787 Dreamliner aircraft's various cockpit switches, buttons, panels and displays with in-depth technical details on each one with detailed images. 

It is highly useful as reference during line flying and especially during initial conversion or type rating training.


All main instrument panels: Overhead, Glareshield, Forward and Aisle Pedestal panels including detailed PFD, NAV display, MFD and EICAS panels with the various synoptic displays to include:


- ELEC synoptic

- DOOR synoptic

- AIR synoptic

- FCTL synoptic

- FUEL synoptic

- GEAR synoptic

- HYD synoptic


It goes into detailed information on the various information displayed to pilots on the PFD, NAV and EICAS to include engine primary and secondary information.Click on the links below to download yours from the relevant book store. 

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