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Pilot Selection Aptitude Training...

There are several airline pilot selection schemes out there but the competition to pass one of them is extremely high. The key to having a chance to pass selection scheme like British Airways for instance requires a lot of preparation before hand. There are not many affordable softwares out there to train on the aptitude tests these company make you do however this new Apple iOS application for the iPhone, PAT allows just that. Users can register and play six different aptitude games and see their progress scores and compare their best scores against other global users. This is great as it gives you an idea of where you might stand in terms of pilot aptitude based on such games.

In PAT you can fly cross-bars, play memory games, control flight path, practise mental arithmetic, and your co-ordination skills which are typical of all airline test styles. Currently PAT is only available for the apple iPhone version however if demand grows further we will no doubt plan on launching the Google Play version in the near future.

Results from PAT don't guarantee you will pass an airlines particular selection procedure however it will help you prepare and understand better what you can expect during your pre-atpl selection.

Here are some App screen shots for you to see what the software looks like:


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