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Switch 320 - Airbus A319/320 Pilot Training iOS application.

Switch 320 is an Elegant and Simple design of the Airbus A320 Flight Deck involving user interactivity with its switches and buttons. An excellent software package for those starting their type rating and a great asset to have as a Pilot rated on the A320. Majority of switches/buttons/displays covered with detailed information on each one including fault cautions/warning triggers.

All 11 system pages are covered: ENG, BLEED, PRESS, ELEC, HYD, FUEL, APU, COND, DOOR, WHEEL and F/CTL also covered with detailed information on all of them. An excellent study/guide package to have regarding the Airbus A320. See our demo video on You-Tube called 'Switch 320' to see the app in action. Altogether a very clean and user friendly design of the A320 Flight deck. Worth having this App in your aviation library. Simple and easy to use and includes a demo video on start up screen. - Quick loading (Instant!) - Help page at start-up with easy instructions - Demo video - Clear Flight deck home page - Easy Navigation within App! - Simple to use - Touch interactive with detailed study information - High quality HD & vectored Panel Images - Great feedback from real line Captains! ***** Enjoy Switch 320! We know you'll find it very enjoyable and worth it!


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