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Boeing 787 Dreamliner Pilot iOS App for iPad - Out Now!

Finally, Flightcopilot's Boeing 787 Dreamliner pilot training application has hit the apple store for iPad. This is a well organised and vector image created ergonomic B787 flight deck systems and instrument pilot trainer offering detailed information on all the various panel switches/buttons and instrument panels of this state of the art B787 aircraft machine. It is highly useful as reference during line flying and especially during initial conversion or type rating training. All main instrument panels: Overhead, Glareshield, Forward and Aisle Pedestal panels including detailed PFD, NAV display, MFD and EICAS panels with the various synoptic displays to include: - ELEC synoptic - DOOR synoptic - AIR synoptic - FCTL synoptic - FUEL synoptic - GEAR synoptic - HYD synoptic

It goes into detailed information on the various information displayed to pilots on the PFD, NAV and EICAS to include engine primary and secondary information. It is no doubt a must have application for any Pilot operating or training on the B787 Dreamliner. We hope you enjoy using it and wish you all safe flights and great training.

Here's some awesome screenshots of the App itself.

You can click the button below to visit the apple store to check it out!



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