DODAR - A breakdown for Aviators.

DODAR is the process used in the Aviation industry by Pilots and Crew to assist in decision making during an abnormal situation or emergency.

Each of the acronym stands for something that allows Pilots to come back to a situation to re-analyse their course of actions and the next required tasks.

Let's take a look at what each one stands for and means:

D = Diagnose - This asks the crew to check and see if they are indeed aware of what the issue(s) or problems are in relation to abnormal malfunctions or circumstances e.g. Is it a hydraulic pump failure? Is it an electrical issue? Fuel? Weather? Medical? Knowing exactly what's wrong allows them to then see aircraft status e.g. Is it flyable? Is the autopilot still working? And are we time constraint in any way? Time is of utter importance as it will also impact stress and operational effectiveness in completing various emergency checklists or take up a holding pattern to deal with issues there. In a critical situation it is easy to loose attention to important aspects as stress levels go up very quickly, for instance always pay attention to not fly into bad weather and climb above the safe altitude so as to not worry about terrain in the region. It becomes very important to follow the golden rules; Aviate first, Navigate and then Communicate.

O = Options - This makes the crew think of what available alternate possiblities they have. The main ones really are:

A - Continue the flight. Minor issues that do not impact flight operation or safety.