How do Airplane's Navigate?

Do you ever wonder how one could simply sit back on an aircraft, takeoff, climb and cruise across the globe to only arrive completely on the other side of the planet! Modern jets use a few main navigation methods including:

- Global Positioning Systems (GPS).

- Inertial Reference Systems (IRS).

- Traditional radio aids e.g. VOR, DME, ADF and ILS.

In modern aircraft Pilots can program or load a company planned flight route into the aircrafts navigational systems which later on the autopilot can fly with a very high precision level. Navigation displays in the aircraft also show pilots weather information, terrain obstacles, other aircraft traffic and waypoints and navigation aids. The system then also generates both time and fuel predictions for pilots to monitor throughout the flight.

Lets take a brief look at these navigation methods:

GPS (Global Positioning system)

This now days is one of the main primary ways of navigating. It utilises the on board GPS receivers via satellite ba