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How to become an Airline Pilot | From Zero to First Officer

How to become an Airline Pilot | From Zero to First Officer


This is a guide for people considering a career as an airline pilot. It takes you from zero to that final first officer airline job. The book gives you some excellent hints and highlights on how and what you should do in order to become an airline pilot. The chapters include:


An introduction: Here I explain how I went through my journey in achieving this goal and how I overcame various obstacles in this demanding and challenging career path.


Funding your flight training: This chapter looks at how you can sell yourself and create opportunities to collect over £100K that's needed in order to pay for your flight training.


Finding the right school: Here you will learn what to look out for and the questions you should be asking to the various flight training schools prior to giving them your money. You will learn about hidden costs that can affect your final training budget and how to avoid such financial mistakes.


The flight training course: Talks about what you will be required to undergo during your training in order to go from zero all the way to airline ready pilot.


Job hunting and preparing for your airline selection: In this chapter I will tell you how despite a downfall in the aviation market I managed to keep things flowing and what I did in my spare time to be ready for airline interviews and selection. I give you plenty of tips and tricks about your interview to come and techniques you can apply to give yourself that competitive edge.


The airline selection stage: How to act and behave on the actual day of airline selection. Some useful hints about what the recruiters are looking for.


The type rating: An insight about what to expect when you transition from an ATPL pilot to airline jet pilot.


Line flying with an airline: All about how you will start your new career in the airline industry and things you should aim to do to succeed ahead in your career.


End statement: A little good luck and some links to my blog about what to do when those obstacles come your way.


I hope this guide will prove useful to you and you can get some insight to what you need to do to achieve your goal of becoming an airline pilot.

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